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Thomas licking his mate Galadriel's chin. This was my very first pen & ink drawing. Watercolor. 7/10/96
Jonathan, the computer lab mouse, working at his terminal. Wax crayon & turpentine.7/20/96
Mordecai, a mouse 'taur, holding out his paw in greeting. Wax crayon & turpentine. 7/20/96
Colonel Nokriy `Akbar of the Murine Air Corps, standing in front of his fighter, "Glamorous Gadget". Wax crayon & turpentine. 7/21/96
A self-portrait of the artist, suddenly inspired. Wax crayon & turpentine. 7/22/96
Thomas and Galadriel, touching noses and holding each other. Wax crayon & turpentine. 8/4/96
Galadriel, relaxing in the sun. (Why do artists always show furries trying to work on their tans? You can't tan very well through a full fur coat.) Wax crayon & turpentine. 8/4/96
Jonathan the computer lab mouse's first time using Windows 95. Computer color. 8/26/96
Cleopatra, a grey mousetaur, holding a bikini and asking, "You want me to wear THIS?" Colored pencil & turpentine. 9/7/96
Attack of the Mutant Fanboys!!! Marker. 9/29/96
Thomas and Galadriel sitting at a table and flirting. (Yes, his tail is supposed to be that way.) Colored pencil. 10/1/96
Thomas proposing to a startled but very happy Galadriel. Marker. 8/6/96
Captain Packrat asleep, cuddling one of his favorite plushies. Marker. 10/8/96
Captain Packrat asleep, cuddling one of his favorite plushies. Acrylics on a cel. 10/8/96
Captain gives his good friend Bigears (a fennec kit) a BIG MouseHug! : ) This picture is from a Christmas card I sent him. Marker. 12/18/96
JustIan of FurryMUCK (She is a blue-furred, 4-armed vulpine) Colored pencil. 4/7/97
It's been over 3 months since I've drawn anything, and at SDCC, I did 3 drawings in 2 days! This one is of Galadriel, not really doing anything. Colored pencil. 7/18/97
This is a drawing I did in someone's sketchbook at the San Diego Comic Con furry party. The theme of the book was "Disco Fever". : ) Marker. 7/19/97
"Commitment" This picture stems from a challenge a friend of mine was giving at SDCC '97; draw "commitment". Most of the ideas discussed involved couples, marriage, etc. I took a different tack. A female mouse will fight to the death to defend her young, regardless of the size of her opponent. Colored pencil. 8/14/97
Merideth of FurryMUCK. Being an anthropomorphically anatomically correct mouse, she has 3 pair of breasts (a nightmare to draw). Oil pastel. 9/1/97
My Christmas card design for 1997.  Above the image, the finished card said "Not a creature was stirring....", and inside, it said "Merry Chrismouse and a Squeaky New Year"  : )  Watercolor.  11/14/97
test1s.jpg (1508 bytes) A  quick little rough sketch I did using some pointers I picked up at CF9.  While the sketch is rough, it does show improvement over my previous body designs.  :-)  It looks kinda dark because my scanner has trouble scanning pure pencils.  :-P  Pencil.  2/8/98
putsi1s.jpg (1817 bytes) A color sketch of my rabbit plushie Putsi.  Her mouth seems a bit odd in the sketch, but then again, the plushie's mouth looks the same way.  Again, the scanner couldn't pick up the pencils properly, and left out the nice fur texture I spent so long working on.  :-P  Colored pencil.  4/19/98
meeko1s.jpg (1976 bytes) A sketch of my Meeko plushie!  The scanner didn't quite get the shading right.  Colored pencil.  4/25/98


All images on this page are Captain Packrat. Bigears, JustIan, and Merideth are their respective players.

You may redistribute my images on the Internet, IF you agree to the following stipulations:

  1. You may not alter any of my images in any way, including renaming the files or resizing them.
  2. You may not redistribute these images for profit.
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  4. You may not distribute the files in .ZIP form, or in any other compressed file format.

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