Captain on FurryMUCK

Here's Captain's FurryMUCK descriptions:

ws Captain

Name Sex Species
Captain male HugMouse

look Captain

The Captain stands a full 6 feet tall, unusually tall for a mouse. His
fur is a uniform sandy tan color, which nicely offsets the bright
sapphire blue of his eyes and the pink of his long, furless tail. He
projects an air of confidance, yet at the same time, he seems rather
quiet and shy. 
He is wearing only a somewhat oversized olive-drab military field
jacket, with lots of pockets filled with various knick-knacks. A shiny
gold pilot's wings are pinned just above his left breast pocket. He's
also wearing large, gold-rimmed eyeglasses, which he pushes up from
time to time. On his head is his slightly worn, navy blue Captain's
cap, complete with gold trim and a large gold pilot's wings afixed to
the center. He wears no other clothing or shoes, and his jacket is
unzipped and open, but his thick fur keeps him modest.

Ring of Air
BUTTON: Helpstaff Member
depleted uranium baseball bat
Pilot's License
BUTTON: Official HugMouse!
E6B Flight Computer

smell Captain

You smell the faint scent of machine oil and aviation fuel, mixed with the
slight musk of a buck house mouse.

pinfo Captain

Captain Player Information
Captain, like all mice, loves hugs and snuggling, with both males and females. He is rather shy, though, and generally won't go beyond just a friendly hug. Like most mice, the Captain tends to be very quiet. Please don't let his quietness lead you to believe that he is unfriendly; he's just quiet and shy. He is very quick at figuring things out, so if you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. He always tries to be friendly and helpful, even putting other's problems before his own. He will never raise his voice or try to hurt anyone (unless they do so to him first). If you are kind to him, he'll give you the jacket off his back; if you're rude to him, he'll usually just ignore you. He loves cheese, and absolutely loves to be scratched behind the ears.
tport capt
Captain Packrat's Fur Central ====>
(VL)March 18, 1996. (RL)September 3, 1973.
TinyPlot Prefs:
Maybe. Depends on what it is


Captain is an artistic shy cute fluffy romantic huggable lonely magical nimble gigantic hi-tech chaotic rodent male..


-- WhatIsz 1.33 : Show Character ---------------------------------------------
Captain             male-biased open-minded cuddling romantic teasing curious voyeur inexperienced bottom oral anal plushie toonphile male HugMouse


hug Captain

Captain is sometimes represented by his plush avatars, Captain_Plushrat and HugMouse Plushie

look Captain_Plushrat

A very soft snuggleable huggable stuffed toy HugMouse about 1 foot tall. He looks alot like his owner Captain. He has tan colored fur and is wearing gold-rimmed eyeglasses and an small airline captain's cap.

look HugMouse Plushie

A very soft, snuggleable huggable toy HugMouse about 10 inches tall. He is white, with a large black nose, and a blue ribbon around his neck. The palms of his paws and the soles of his feet are gray, and the inside of his ears are a light pink. He has large black eyes, and a smile painted on his face. He has a long tail made of fine white rope.

There is a small brass button in his ear, with a yellow tag sticking out from underneath. The tag indicates that the plushie is a Steiff!

Captain_Plushrat is often found behind the Bulletin Board in the Park, waiting with the other helpstaff zombies to help answer questions.

Captain sometimes turns himself into a plush mouse.

look Captain

A proud and tall house mouse plush stands before you. The 6 foot tall creature has a dense bronze felt, of the finest caliber--almost silken in its gentle brush--to highlight most of its frame, with a softer tawny paws, belly and tufts leading up his neck and muzzle. He has sharp, well-polished sapphire buttons for eyes and a nose made of tightly-woven black string. The care tag on his left leg suggests as much care and attention as you have.

Tied by a gold string so it stays just above his ears is a delicately aged felt navy blue Captain's cap, with trim and pilot's wings offered by a slightly frayed gold string.

Wrapped by a slightly thicker gold string around his neck is a slightly ill-fitting green field jacket; his arms could fit in the sleeves if he wanted.

Here are some of the items Captain carries around with him:

lookat Captain's Pilot's License

Furry Aviation Administration Pilot's License #3263827, Captain Packrat, Issued March 18, 1996, Commercial Pilot, Ratings: |Airplane: Single-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land. |Lighter-than-air: Airship. |Rotorcraft: Gyroplane.

lookat Captain's E6B Flight Computer

An old fashioned aluminum slide rule, with markings for various aeronautical functions.

lookat Captain's BUTTON: Official HugMouse

A button that reads, "Offical HugMouse of the FurryMUCK."

lookat Captain's Ring of Air

Vilya, the Ring of Air, one of the Three Rings of Power. A gold ring, set with a large sapphire.

lookat Captain's depleted uranium baseball bat

A shiny baseball bat, much heavier and stronger than an aluminum bat.

lookat Captain's Tailring

A small gold ring, about 1/4 of the way from the base of his tail. It was given to him by Merideth.

lookat Captain's Bun Warmer

A large wooden paddle, perfect for warming bunny buns! ;-)